Laser Safety Software

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If you want to perform fast and accurate laser safety calculations, then our LaserSafe PC software is what you need.
It is the world’s leading laser safety calculations software, since it will allow you to calculate with just one click the following features:

  • the class of your laser, according to the EN 60825-1:2014
  • the LB values for your laser safery goggles, according to the EN 207:2017
  • the RB values for your laser alignment goggles, according to the EN 208:2009

Here you can find a couple of screenshots coming directly from the software, which will allow you to identify te main features of LaserSace PC:

Input Panel
After selecting the kind of laser you’re using (CW, repetitively pulsed or single pulse), the beam profile (flat top or Gaussian) and the beam shape (ellipsoidal or rectangular), all you need to do is interting your laser’s parameters and press enter in order to perform the calculations.

Results Panel
Yuo’ll get the calculation’s results immediately, showing:

  • the limiting MPE value
  • the laser’s class according to the EN 60825-1:2014
  • the LB and RB parameters, related to the laser safety and aligmnent goggles respectively

If you want to see the software in action, please try our DEMO version:

For more information or support on this product, please feel free to contact our expert:

Eng. Andrea Arcaini